Mechanics Of Motherhood

Getting Organized

Sunday, October 15, 2017 7:12 PM

I don't know about all working Moms, but one of the biggest challenges that I have is keeping our home organized.  It seems that the "stuff" has a life of its own and just continues to grow once it gets into the house.  It also seems like no one but Mom has the skill to organize items, no matter how much help I get.  Today we are going to have a family-wide organization day.  We are going to take one area of each bedroom which is currently a mess and I am going to work with each child to plan and organize that area of their room.  I am hoping that each of the kids will learn something today about organizing and when I ask them to get their room organized in the future, they will know how to get started.  I know it will take more than one time, but I am cautiously optimistic.  Let me know if you have ways to get your families organized that might work for us.  I would love to hear other ideas.

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